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The Shepherd School of Music
Exploring the Mind Through Music


All public events take place in Duncan Recital Hall at the Shepherd School of Music. No registration or advance reservations are required for these events. Seating will be on a first-come, first-served basis.


Monday, June 13th


6 p.m. Welcoming Dinner for fellows hosted by Robert Yekovich, Dean of the Shepherd School of Music

Tuesday, June 14th:

9-12 a.m. Morning sessions- Cross-disciplinary seminars (music fellows with Kemmer and Slevc, science fellows with Brandt and Barnett)

12 -2 p.m.: Lunch

2 – 4 p.m.: Fellows tour of Center Performing Arts Medicine

5-7: Dinner

7 – 9:30: Evening session "Music, Memory and Emotion - Free and open to the public

Robert J. Zatorre (McGill University): "Music in the Brain: Pitch, Imagery, and Emotion"
David Huron: "What is a Musical Work? And Other Curiosities of Memory"

We present our Conference's first public event in memory of Frank R. Yekovich; an accomplished scientist, a passionate researcher in memory and cognition and lover of music.

Wednesday, June 15th:

9-12 a.m. Cross-disciplinary seminars for fellows, continued

12 -2 p.m.: Lunch

2-4:30: Afternoon session: "The Mind-Body Connection" – Free and open to the public

Norman Fischer: "Musician, Athlete, Performer: Incorporating Mental Procedures to Train the Advanced Player"

C. Richard Stasney "Medical Problems of Performing Artists"

Christine Neugebauer (Memorial Hermann Hospital): "The Art and Science of Music Therapy"

5-7: Dinner

7 – 9:30: Evening session "Music and Language" - Free and open to the public

Fred Lerdahl: "Linguistic and Musical Syntax"

Aniruddh D. Patel (The Neurosciences Institute): "Music, language, syntax, and the brain"

Thursday, June 16th

9-12 a.m. Cross-disciplinary seminars for fellows, continued

12 -2 p.m.: Lunch

2-4:30: Afternoon session "Music and Perception"- Free and open to the public

David Eagleman: "Music and neuroscience: Insights from time perception and synesthesia"

Casey O'Callaghan: "Crossmodal perception in the arts"

5-7: Dinner

7-10 p.m.: Fellows Night – Free and open to the public

Room 1131: Science Presentations

Amy Hoover: "Functional Scaffolding: A New Principle for Enabling Computational Creativity in Music"

John Iversen: "Neural Dynamics of Beat Perception"

Rebecca Lepping: "Development of a Validated Emotionally Provocative Musical Stimuli Set for Neuroimaging Studies of Depression"

Guy Madison: "Some rhythmic properties of music that are correlated with groove – the tendency for music to induce movement"

Cecelie Moeller: "Watch This! Visual Suppression and Facilitation of Early Auditory Responses in Musicians and in Non-Musicians"

Diane Omigie: "Characterising Congenital Amusia"

Michael Schutz: "What are the benefits of "moving to the beat" while listening to music?"

Sherman Wilcox: "Language as Performance: Finding the Link between Sign Language and Music"

Room 1133: Music Presentations

Benjamin Anderson: " 'I've seen him write songs in the time it's taken me to make a sandwich: Schemata and Elton John's Compositional Practice"

Dorita Berger: "Tempo-based Music Treatment for Inducing Rhythmic Entrainment, Systemic Pacing & Redirection of Repetitive Behaviors in Children on the Autism Spectrum"

Zohar Eitan: "Rare sense and common knowledge: Exposure effects and the mental representation of absolute pitch"

James Fidlon: "Improvisation and Attention"

Jason Rosenberg: "Negentropy for solo flute: A compositional and perceptual study using variable form," featuring flutist Izumi Miyahara

Shannon Layman: "Differentiating Rock from Bach, Identification of Mainstream Recordings Requires Only Brief Excerpts"

James Parakilas: "Music and the Attention System"

Laura Silverman and Michael Schutz: "Using Music to Explore Sensory Integration Dysfunction in Autism"

Friday, June 17th

9-12: Joint session for all fellows and faculty in Room 1133

12-2: Lunch