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Question regarding Director script

I have a question for those using Steve Thomas' "Director" script for handling resource access redirection.  I am very interested in it, but there is a capability we use which I am not sure is incorporated in it.  I have written several access scripts here which allow the Catalogers to create records for all the items from a publisher's site to which we subscribe, without me having to enter each one manually into the script.  Is there a way to do this in director, or does each and every item need to be manually added to the director table?

For example, I created 1 Proquest Direct script, which is used for several hundred titles - and while I would love to consolidate to the otherwise feature-rich Director program, I do not want to have to tell the Catalogers to both handle creating the 856 link and add an entry to the Director table.

Hoping I simply don't understand something in the way the program works, I remain

Edward Spodick, Systems Librarian
Hong Kong University of Science & Technology

p.s. - The Director script is located at