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Re: Question regarding Director script

Hi Edward:

I'm guessing that currently you have written some CGI programs which
allow your catalogers to generate a URL for them to use in the 856 field?
If so, I think you could probably adapt your CGI scripts to add to the
Director table without too much difficulty.

I didn't know about Director before your email, but I took a look at the code
and it is using DBM files to store the redirect data on disk (rather than in
memory). So theoretically you could adapt your existing CGI scripts so
that they would add to this DBM file...and presto, your Director CGI
script would be able to see them.

If you are new to DBM files take a look in the Camel book at the dbmopen()
function. It basically ties a HASH (%x say) to a random access file
on disk. It's a great way to provide easy, fast access to data without
having to store it in memory--which would be bad if you had a ton of

It would be cool if Director was object-oriented, so that the creation,
retrieval, update, and deletion of an entry in its DBM file would be bundled
along with the object ... Or does such a beast already exist somewhere?


On Tue, Oct 30, 2001 at 12:02:16PM +0800, Edward Spodick, HKUST Library, 2358-6743 wrote:
> I have a question for those using Steve Thomas' "Director" script for handling resource access redirection.  I am very interested in it, but there is a capability we use which I am not sure is incorporated in it.  I have written several access scripts here which allow the Catalogers to create records for all the items from a publisher's site to which we subscribe, without me having to enter each one manually into the script.  Is there a way to do this in director, or does each and every item need to be manually added to the director table?
> For example, I created 1 Proquest Direct script, which is used for several hundred titles - and while I would love to consolidate to the otherwise feature-rich Director program, I do not want to have to tell the Catalogers to both handle creating the 856 link and add an entry to the Director table.
> Hoping I simply don't understand something in the way the program works, I remain
> Edward Spodick, Systems Librarian
> Hong Kong University of Science & Technology
> lbspodic@ust.hk
> p.s. - The Director script is located at
> http://www.library.adelaide.edu.au/~sthomas/scripts/director/director.html