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"The following questionnaire, conducted by experimental Chicano anthropologists, attempts to survey the inter cultural desires and artistic concerns of the Internet users. The results will be utilized as source of inspiration for a series of performances and "living dioramas" currently taking place at 'DiverseWorks,' Houston. Please answer the questions as fully as possible, and if you prefer not to identify yourself it's fine. Carnales, we are looking for innovative ways to utilize this technology."
The CyberVato today.

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Are you currently experiencing compassion fatigue?
Yes No

Do you think that political correctness has gone too far?
Yes No

Do you feel that, in the 90's, reverse racism is more of a problem than white racism?
Yes No

Do you often ask yourself, "what ever happened to beautiful art that everyone can appreciate?"
Yes No

If you answered yes to at least one of the questions above, you will want to answer questions in one or more of the categories below. We would love to hear more from you.

Immigration; Political Correctness; Intercultural Experience; Language Art Houston Artists

Please send us an image and/or description of an action you wish to have an authentic Mexican and/or Indian performance artist execute for you. Send your photos, drawings, images, music, sounds, etc. and "The Shame-Man," "El Mexican't" and "Cyber-Vato" will act out your fantasies. In the coming days, they will become a "composit reflection" of your interracial desires. After November 11 we will show you different results of their composite identities each day.
The first contributed image
(El Mexican't and the CyberVato many years before).

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