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Program and Selection

High school seniors applying to UTPA and desiring to enter the program must complete a separate application. Selection to the program will be based on many factors, including: strong academic performance, above-average standardized test scores, teacher recommendations, interviews, motivation, and other attributes representative of exceptional high school achievement. Students who already have graduated from high school, or those who will receive their high school diplomas during or at the end of their freshman year of college, are not eligible for the program.

Up to 25 Hispanic students per year will be selected to attend the Premedical Honors College at UTPA and, subsequently, Baylor College of Medicine. The program is eight years in duration. Students are required to major in either biology or chemistry and to complete all baccalaureate degree requirements at UTPA before entering BCM. During the undergraduate years, students will major or double major in either chemistry or biology. Regardless of the major, all students must complete the BCM premedical requirements: 1 year of English, 1 year of biology, 1 year of physics, 1 year of general chemistry and 1 year of organic chemistry, including laboratories in each course, with no grade lower that a C. An overall grade point of 3.0 minimum, based on a 4.0 system, and a total MCAT score of 24 with no section (verbal reasoning, physical sciences, biological sciences) less than 7.0 are required. Specific academic and counseling support systems at UTPA and BCM are offered to help assure successful completion of the baccalaureate and M.D. degrees. Mentorship and summer activities are available in South Texas and Houston.

The deadline for program application varies each year, but normally is in March. Final decisions regarding applicant status are announced in April. After students have been admitted to UTPA, the Admissions Committee at Baylor College of Medicine reviews student applications for the program. Students who are considered finalists are invited for an interview at Baylor College of Medicine. Applicants not admitted to the program are encouraged to apply to Baylor College of Medicine at a later date.

Summary of Proposal - Submitted to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Division of Disadvantaged Assistance.

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