`Campanile' editors define direction

by Shawn Jackson

Work has already begun on the 1997 Campanile , and its editors have gained numerous plans for it from the Campanile student survey. The survey was a first for the Campanile .

Among these plans are dividing the yearbook into five sections -- Arts and Culture, Politics and Community, Academic, Sports and Colleges -- and using foldout divider pages.

"We're not going to do a CD-ROM," Managing Editor Dan Newman said, referring to the results of the student survey. Students indicated by a nearly two-to-one ratio that they did not want a CD-ROM yearbook.

"I'm excited about it. The book, and indeed the whole organization, seem reborn this year," Art Director Dan Sandler said. "We have a lot of people interested and involved. ... It's encouraging to see this kind of support from the student body."

Sandler and Co-art Director Chris Sanders hope to have a visually interesting book. They plan to use less text in favor of more photos.

The Campanile 's editors are also considering more action-oriented photographs. According to New-man, a decision has yet to be made on individual senior photographs. There will also be two days for Picture Yourself instead of the traditional one day.

The editors want to eliminate group photos of student organizations. "A lot of people said [those] pages were boring," Production Editor Karin Pearl said. The editors want to use photos that show the various clubs involved in their given activities.

There may also be fewer faculty pages this year. "Instead of having every teacher's picture, we may have a poll of who the students like best and do a profile on four to six teachers," Photo Editor Sarah Clark said. Survey results indicated that students had low interest in including the faculty in the Campanile .

The physical format of the book is still being discussed, according to Newman. Possibilities include a nine by-nine-inch book or a nine-by-12 short-size binding. Nearly all the student responses favored a hardcover yearbook.

This year's Campanile editors would like student input, even more than was gained through the survey. Comments and suggestions can be directed to Newman at danewman@rice.edu.

"We really hope to have the best book yet in terms of showcasing what students want to see," Clark said.

This item appeared in the News section of the October 18, 1996 issue.

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