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MOB awaits release of 25-song album
by Joel Hardi
The phrase "MOB Reborn" well describes this high-profile year for the Marching Owl Band. It is also the title of the MOB's first-ever CD, which will be released on March 17.

The album was recorded toward the end of football season, on Campanile Road in front of the MOB band hall. Band member and Will Rice College freshman Brian Becker explained why the recording had to be done outside. "Basically, the band hall is too small and there is so much echo that it would be all drums," he said.

Recording in the middle of the street posed some problems. "The campos tried to kick us out a couple of times," MOBster and Hanszen College freshman Mike Holman recalled. "People kept wanting to drive through." But after multiple takes the album was recorded to the satisfaction of both Band Director Ken Dye and the MOB. "It was a pretty good performance," Becker said.

MOB Reborn features 25 MOB standards like "Louie, Louie" and the Rice fight song as well as new arrangements by Dye of "YMCA" and the theme from "Shaft." The MOB has previously recorded seven albums on LP or cassette.

One thousand copies of MOB Reborn have been pressed, band member and WRC senior Adam Hunter said. They will be available for $10 in the band hall office underneath Central Kitchen, and the band also anticipates selling them in the Rice Campus Store.

"I'm sure we'll sell them all," Hunter predicted. "We've had great publicity this year. Most years we bemoan the fact that we don't get much publicity, but this year we've been in the Thresher several times, the [ Houston ] Chronicl e, the Dallas paper and in the Utah paper when we went there."

Jones College junior Bryce Allen, who is not in the MOB, has no plans to purchase the album. "I've got to wonder whom the CD is aimed at. If I were going to drop down 10 bucks on a CD, it wouldn't be the MOB's. ... It's a worthy project but I'm not sure among the current student body what kind of reception it will get." He suggested alumni might be more likely to buy it, a statement with which Hunter agreed.

"You would be amazed when we have alumni day or band day, with the people who come out of the woodwork," he said.

This item appeared in the News section of the February 28, 1997 issue.

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