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Former Rice student's name cleared of charges
Alcohol charges against Will Rice College alumnus Arpit Shah were dismissed on April 2 when the Houston Police Department officer responsible for his case did not appear at the trial.

Shah and WRC senior Mike Shannon were cited by undercover Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission officers on Feb. 17, 1996 when they went to Spec's Liquor Store on Holcombe Boulevard to purchase liquor for the RPC's Rodeo Party.

Shah, then a senior, was charged with making alcohol available to a minor, Michael Shannon, who was 20 years old at the time. The charge of underage possession against Shannon was dismissed on Feb. 26, because no officer appeared at his trial.

Shah was pleased to combat the law and win, but he expressed annoyance that the trial process had taken more than a year, included multiple hearings, and that both he and Shannon each had to pay $250 in legal fees so their names could be cleared.

This item appeared in the News section of the April 4, 1997 issue.

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