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Survey finds campus drug arrests up 18 percent
Drug arrests on college campuses jumped by almost 18 percent in 1995, the fourth consecutive year with a double-digit increase. Arrests for alcohol violations rose almost 1 percent.

A Chronicle of Higher Education survey found that, except for sex offenses, the incidence of other crimes dropped in 1995, in line with national trends.

Experts on campus crime suggest that the 6,797 drug arrests and 15,208 arrests for alcohol violations in 1995 may tell more about enforcement than they tell about actual use of alcoholic beverages.

Recent studies have shown a modest increase in the use of drugs and alcohol at colleges.

Police officials on a number of campuses say they are paying more attention to dormitories, where students who do not use drugs are apparently becoming less tolerant of neighbors who do.

Most of the drug arrests, according to several police officials, are for offenses involving marijuana. However, some of those officials added that the use of LSD and cocaine among students seemed to be rising slightly.

The arrest numbers also include people visiting college campuses for parties, concerts and athletics events, as well as automobile drivers just passing through on city streets.

Source : The Chronicle of Higher Education, March 21.

This item appeared in the News section of the April 4, 1997 issue.

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