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1997 Phi Beta Kappa recipients
This year, 59 members of the Class of 1997 were elected as Members-in-Course to the Beta of Texas Chapter of Phi Beta Kappa at Rice University on Feb. 19.

Election to Phi Beta Kapppa is an honor recognizing outstanding achievement in the liberal arts and sciences.

The newest members of the Rice chapter will be initiated at the Phi Beta Kappa Initiation Ceremony, to be held in Hamman Hall May 9 at 2:45 p.m.

Baker College

Tellen Demeke Bennett, Biology/History; Ron Ofer Dror, Electrical Engineering/Mathematics; Coulter Harris George, Classics/German/Ancient Mediterranean Civilizations; Anil Thomas Maliyekkel, Electrical Engineering; Alexander James Pasadyn, Civil Engineering

Brown College

Lauren Taylor Kern, History; Krista Ruth Noack, Linguistics/Spanish

Hanszen College

Darcy Catherine Cruikshank, Psychology; Caroline Renee Harris, French/Linguistics; Jennifer Linda Healey, Economics/Sociology; David Tae Kim, Civil Engineering; Tara Dawn Miller, Anthropology; Michael Wayne Munson, Mathematical Economic Analysis/Management; Jessica Nilsson March, Psychology; Kathryn Maria Noack, Biochemistry; Noah Aubrey Rosenburg, Mathematics/Russian.

Jones College

Carolyn H. Chi, Biology/Sociology;

Clinton Wakefield Epps, Biology; Holly Elizabeth Sterrett, Psychology; Cecilia Vy Tran, Biology/History; Angelita S. Yanez, Psychology

Lovett College

Kurt Alan Franke, Physics/Computer Science; Patricia Ellen Haertlein, Psychology; Travis William Hopp, Civil Engineering; Eric Harris Horler, Civil Engineering; Yee-Pin Kristi Lin, Biochemistry; Caline Maouawad, Political Science/French; James Thomas Charles Bolton Pyke, Mechanical Engineering/Mathematics; Sandeep Guduru Reddy, Economics; Scott Louis Ruthfield, Sociology/Computer Science; Jennifer Lynn Sommers, Biology; Stacy Ann Stratemann, Biology/English; Fay Ann Yarbrough, History/Political Science

Sid Richardson College

Karen Shau-Chin Fang, Biochemistry; Daniel Joseph Grossman, Electrical Engineering/Computer Science; Mathew John Joseph, English;

Anjali Joann Kaimal, Psychology/Policy Studies; Natalie Nina Kirilcuk, Biochemistry/English; James Jerome Tolle, Biology; Daniel Ofir Whiteson, Physics/Computer Science

Wiess College

Rebecca Jeanne Brown, Chemistry; Vanessa Olivia Ezenwa, Biology; Saira Jacob George, Biology; Maryana Felib Iskander, Sociology;

Bruce Own Knuteson, Physics/Mathematics; Rangan Padma-nabhan, Mathematical Economic Analysis/Management; Jessica Josephine Peterson, Linguistics/ English; Kenneth James Rines, Physics; Andrew Hudsco Weaver, Music

Will Rice College

Benjamin Charles Glassman, History/Medieval Studies/French; David Alan Grossman, English; Brian Kazuji Kaku, Mechanical Engineering; Christina Chen-yu Kao, Biochemistry; Ryan Natheniel Krech, Mathematics/History; Tarun Mahajan, Biochemistry/Economics; John Benjamin Peakes, Economics; Jerusha Ann Redford, History/German; Michael Hugh Shannon, Biology/History; John Michael Strickland, Political Science/Psychology; Michelle E. Washburn, Psychology

This item appeared in the News section of the April 4, 1997 issue.

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