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Sid Richardson masters announce they will leave Rice this spring

by Susan Egeland
Thresher editorial staff

Penny and John Bennett

Having seen four years' worth of Sid Richardson College freshmen matriculate, John and Penny Bennett announced they will be leaving Rice and their positions as Sid masters, effective this summer.

Although they will have finished only four years of the traditionally five-year term, the Bennetts decided to leave their mastership one year early after John Bennett received a faculty position in the Computer Science Department at the University of Colorado at Boulder.

Bennett has also seen five years' worth of students' Lego robots while teaching the popular class ELEC 201 &emdash; also known as "Lego Lab." Bennett, who teaches the course with Electrical and Computer Engineering Professor Jim Young, hopes the future of the course will not be jeopardized.

"Our decision to leave was extraordinarily difficult, in large part because we will be leaving so many people and a place that we have come to love," John Bennett said in an e-mail announcement sent to Sid members Monday night.


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