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Listen to the sound of falling admissions standards

Inspiring dance celebrates Subway opening

A soloist performs an intimate dance as an expression of her love for the Asiago Chicken Caesar sub, a lithe little number with 37 grams less fat than her former flame, the McDonald's Big Mac.
From the Director: The idea for Open Mouth/Open Mind began when I was working on a dance peformance for the Humanities Building. As I walked around the Rice campus, becoming attuned to its creative vibrations, I wandered into the nearby Student Center.

I was immediately overwhelmed by the intoxicating scent of fresh-baked bread. Following the smell that filled my nostrils and my soul, I discovered the recently installed Subway franchise. The room was bursting with the energy of college life. I witnessed a young man named Ben Johnson glancing nervously at the 12-inch sandwiches and looking distinctly inadequate.
Dancers on the roof reach for the sky with a heavenly loaf of Subway bread.
Meanwhile, two big-hearted lads named Francisco and Scott volunteered to look after other students' backpacks while they stood in line for lunch. I felt a profound artistic obligation to celebrate this wonderful space through the magnificent visual poetry of dance, as well as a deep yearning to add another 70 grand to my Swiss bank account. Keep the checks coming, Malcolm!

After spending a good 20 minutes meticulously perfecting the choreography, I am now proud to present Open Mouth/Open Mind, a site-specific performance inspired by the design and use of the new Subway. In this presentation, the dancers find sanctuary from the evil oppression of CK as they reach out in hungry desperation for culinary satisfaction, finally finding glorious gastrointestinal liberation in the Italian meatball sub. I wanted to make this dance as accessible as possible to the Rice student body so that absolutely nothing will prevent them from attending this unique event. I welcome all with outstretched arms. Tickets are $18. It has been a real honor and pleasure to work with Rice, to become part of its history and to take away a substantial chunk of its endowment. I hope you enjoy the journey.
- Stefano Koplowitz

Freed from the tyranny of CK, one dancer is also liberated from gravity.

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