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30-NOV-00 EXTRA 1 p.m.

ANOTHER THRESHER EXTRA (Updated Friday Dec. 1, 9:35 a.m.)

We printed a letter-sized extra Thursday afternoon and a one-page wrap around the regular issue Thursday. We also produced an additional four-page paper which will be distributed Friday afternoon and is available in PDF form here. This extra contains much of what was printed in both of those and represents our most complete coverage of the KTRU shutdown, news which broke after we'9d gone to press with the regular issue. We will continue following this story and have further details in the Dec. 8 issue, the last Thresher of the semester.

Click here for the Friday, Dec. 1, 2000 1 p.m. EXTRA edition on the KTRU shutdown. The regular online edition of the extra and the normal Dec. 1 issue will be available soon.

KTRU off the air indefinitely

Meeting among KTRU staff and administration at 6 p.m. in Sewall 301 open to public

November 30, 2000, 1 p.m. (extra)

KTRU went off the air 8 a.m. this morning. Regular programming has been replaced by satellite content from the World Radio Network. The station is locked; the bumper stickers have been removed from the office door; and a sign on the door says, "No Admittance: Violations subject to Code of Student Conduct."


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Diwali Night
Baker College senior Michelle Lin (left), Baker junior Anitha Mathew and choreographer and Hanszen College sophomore Richa Dubey perform at Diwali Night Nov. 10.
Nader support strong in Rice precinct
Green Party presidential candidate Ralph Nader received 22.5 percent of the vote at the Rice precinct, about eight times higher than Nader received of the overall popular vote nationwide.
160 sign college cheers letter
by Elizabeth Jardina and Rachel Rustin
Thresher staff

Students collected almost 200 signatures on letters calling for university action against sexually explicit college cheers outside Fondren Library Wednesday.
Read the Letter
Provost expands distribution
by Elizabeth Jardina
Thresher editorial staff

The list of courses offered for distribution credit to all current students has been expanded to include any courses offered for distribution credit since the 1997-'98 academic year.
KTRU committee to make recommendation to Gillis today
by Olivia Allison
Thresher editorial staff

The KTRU Oversight Committee will probably decide today how many athletic events should be broadcast on KTRU, Vice President for Public Affairs Terry Shepard said.
Wiess freshmen register online
by Mark Berenson
thresher staff

While most students were collecting signatures from their academic advisers, freshmen from Wiess College were registering for classes online Wednesday and Thursday.
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Construction of new soccer field underway
Autry Court uniforms will become optional
Lecturer discusses the servant's place in Latin America

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