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Hey, Lego my balls!
Moo 2 pauses to collect balls from a dispenser during the Rice Lego Robot Contest Sunday. Students in Electrical Engineering 201, better known as "Lego Lab," built robots that were supposed to deposit balls into goals and shoot them into a hoop for points. Moo 2 eventually took second place.
Former Sid secretaries suspended for a semester
by Brian Stoler
thresher editorial staff

Former Sid secretaries Patrick B. Murphy and Vinay Kini were sentenced to one semester of suspension in connection with the Oct. 24 Sid Richardson College Council minutes.
KTRU back on the air
by Olivia Allison
Thresher editorial staff

Student programming returned to KTRU at 4 p.m. today after KTRU DJs, the SA Senate and Vice President for Student Affairs Zenaido Camacho reached an agreement on a new operating policy for the station.
Freshman hospitalized after private party
by Rachel Rustin
Thresher staff

After a private party at Jones College Friday night, one freshman went to the hospital for alcohol poisoning, and President Malcolm Gillis paid a morning visit.
Recruiting coordinator departs
by Meredith Jenkins
Thresher staff

Career Services Recruiting Coordinator Joyce Palumbo will leave the Career Services Center in January to begin working for Andersen Consulting.
Martel names first 13 associates
by Rachel Shiffrin
Thresher Staff

The Martel family is growing.
The Martel College Founding Committee announced the selection of 13 faculty, university and community associates Tuesday.
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