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So far, so good
Senior right-hander Kenny Baugh throws a pitch during Rice's 1-0 win over Baylor University last week. Baugh, who has thrown 10 scoreless innings in helping the No. 7 Owls to a 4-0 start, gets the call against top-ranked Georgia Tech University tomorrow. See SPORTS.
Prank lands student in jail
by Mark Berenson
Thresher Editorial Staff

Running across Enron Field during the Owls' baseball game on Friday seemed like a harmless prank to Jose De La Pena.
Economics courses exchange professors
by Olivia Allison
Thresher editorial staff

One class period before their first test, students in Economics 375 were greeted Monday morning by a box of cinnamon rolls and a new professor.
Cheers debate goes to colleges
by Rachel Rustin
Thresher Editorial Staff

As part of a month-long process to gather student opinion on the issue, the Student Association held a forum on college cheers Monday.
Changes in academic calendar considered
by Elizabeth Decker
Thresher staff

President Malcolm Gillis appointed Speaker of the Faculty Robert Patten and Registrar Jerry Montag to come up with changes to the academic calendar.
Conference features Sierra Club speaker
By Elizabeth Decker and Rachel Krause
Thresher staff

About 90 people - including about 30 students - attended last Saturday's Environmental Conference, sponsored by the Rice Environmental Club.
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