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General Elections begin today and will last until Wednesday at 1 p.m. Students can reach the online voting site from the SA Web site, or on laptops in their college commons during meals.
brian stoler/thresher
Too close for comfort
A backup crane helps to lower the crane behind the Hanszen College Commons to the ground. The crane, which was being used to work on the roof of the new Wiess College Commons, malfunctioned and became unstable at about 9:30 a.m. Feb. 15. Over 100 students from Hanszen New Section were forced to leave their rooms until 2 p.m. See Story.
Student apologizes for rape accusation
by Olivia Allison
Thresher editorial staff

Jones College sophomore Katie Cox issued a public apology Tuesday night for writing an e-mail last week accusing Sid Richardson College sophomore Travis Boyer of raping a female student.
Faculty to reconsider language requirement
by Mariel Tam
Thresher editorial staff

The faculty is likely to either reduce or completely abolish a language proficiency requirement, that has been in effect for less than a year, for undergraduate students.
Candidates discuss bridging gaps
by Meghan Miller
Thresher staff

Candidates for Student Association president spent much of Monday night's debate discussing how to mend rifts - between students and the administration, students and marginalized groups, and graduate students and undergraduates.
Beer-Bike tractors banned
by Olivia Allison
Thresher editorial staff

Tractors have been added to the list of unacceptable ways to transport this year's Beer-Bike balloons.
Scotcher elected GSA president
by Susan Abramski
Thresher staff

The Graduate Student Association elected its new officers Wednesday.
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