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Tearin' down the house
The old masters' house of Jones College was demolished Monday to make way for construction of the new wing of Brown College. Jones Masters Enrique and Maribel Barrera moved into the new Jones House last month.
Board approves new $130 million library
by Leslie Liu
thresher editorial staff

If students decide to turn Willy's Statue around again in five years, he might be able to see the Baker Hall fountain.
Sid balconies closed after items thrown
by Matt Cuddihy
thresher staff

As Sid Richardson College Night wound to an end around 4 a.m. Saturday, an individual or several individuals finished the celebration by throwing numerous objects from the sixth- and seventh-floor balconies, including a couch, a recliner, a keg container, a recycling bin, a skateboard and several pillows.
Jones' reimbursement request denied
by Mark Berenson and Elizabeth Decker
thresher staff

Jones College students' request for a reimbursement on their room fees was denied by President Malcolm Gillis on March 13.
Author distinguishes science from nonsense
by J. Cameron Cooper
thresher staff

Although Lawrence M. Krauss is best known for his work in bringing a scientific perspective to the "Star Trek" universe, he rarely touched on the 23rd century at a lecture Monday, focusing instead on the challenges of distinguishing nonsense from today's science.
Holly Hall agreement provides Martel rooms, special Rice rate
by Elizabeth Jardina
Thresher editorial staff

Rice has entered into an agreement with a local apartment complex that will create a temporary home for Martel College students and a special rate for Rice community members.
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