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Rob Gaddi/Thresher
'Slurvivor' challenges
Will Rice College senior Erik Garza seduces his food in the Will Rice Commons for Tuesday's immunity challenge for "Slurvivor," a meal-time event parodying the popular television show "Survivor." Eight students were chosen to participate in the game, which began March 21 and will end today. Will Rice's Beer-Bike theme is "Slurvivor."
Special Feature: Construction on Campus
Cosby to speak at '02 graduation
by Elizabeth Decker
Thresher staff

One of television's most famous fathers, Bill Cosby, will speak at Rice's 89th commencement ceremony on May 11, 2002.
Sid coordinator dies after surgery
by Mark Berenson
thresher editorial staff

Sid Richardson College Coordinator Sharon McDonough died Sunday morning from complications from gallbladder surgery.
IM fee approved in Spring Elections
by Matt Cuddihy
thresher staff

The revised intramural sports referendum passed in the Spring Elections, increasing the fee students pay from $10 to $15.
Individuals will be fined for rule violations during parade tomorrow
by Olivia Allison
thresher editorial staff

Beer-Bike parade fines will be directly assigned to individuals during tomorrow's parade.
Winning clean cheers to be introduced at Beer-Bike
by Rachel Rustin
Thresher Editorial Staff

An old Rice tradition will be joined by a new one tomorrow when new college cheers are introduced at the 44th annual Beer-Bike.
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