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Making a splash
Will Rice College freshman Javier Garcia plays on an spur-of-the-moment slip 'n' slide set up in the Will Rice quad Wednesday afternoon.
Students to vote on drug policy in fall
by Rachel Rustin
thresher editorial staff

Along with the homecoming court nominees, a resolution calling for a re-evaluation of the country's drug laws will be on this fall's Homecoming Ballot.
Petition urges Rice to help prevent sweatshops
by Mark Berenson
Thresher Editorial Staff

Rice Students for Global Justice sent a letter to President Malcolm Gillis Monday urging the university to take a more proactive role in preventing the use of sweatshop labor among its apparel manufacturers.
Police arrest man wanted in four states
by Olivia Allison
Thresher editorial staff

University Police arrested a man with warrants in four states - including one for a felony in Florida - at the Campus Store Wednesday.
Five students win Freeman study abroad scholarships
by Rachel Rustin
thresher editorial staff

Wiess College seniors Kate Ketner and Marisa Levy will spend the summer enjoying the beaches, the land and the karaoke bars.
Irish President McAleese discusses peace process
by Elizabeth Decker
thresher staff

Ireland's peace negotiations have been promising, although the road to a non-violent relationship between Ireland and Northern Ireland has not ended, Irish President Mary McAleese said in a speech April 19.
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