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Hitting the books
Jones College junior Deania Fernandez concentrates on taking notes during her second day of linear algebra Wednesday afternoon.
Martel considers housing options
by Rachel Rustin
thresher editorial staff

The storm ended months ago, but some Martelians are still afraid they'll get left out in the rain.
Registrar updates office
by Elizabeth Decker
thresher staff

A pilot Web registration program for freshmen and a redesign of the Registrar's Office have contributed to a relatively smooth start for classes this fall, although long-term problems with room assignments and scheduling persist.
Jones compensated for inconvenience
by Mark Berenson
Thresher Editorial Staff

In exchange for rent-free living, two Jones College students have agreed to allow other Jones students to use their apartment as an off-campus commons.
Financial aid adopts Profile system
by Jeff Lin
for the thresher

Rice has finally jumped on the newest financial aid bandwagon.
Financial aid director hired
by Olivia Allison
Thresher editorial staff

Julia Benz believes Rice is part of her destiny.
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