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Rain rain go away
Lovett College senior Graham Swift takes shelter under his umbrella during a shower Tuesday afternoon. It has rained every day since Aug. 27.
Food options draw crowds to servery
by Mark Berenson
Thresher Editorial Staff

The Wiess/Hanszen servery is proving quite popular with students from all the colleges - too popular, some would argue.
SA considers changing structure
by Matt Cuddihy
thresher staff

Significant organizational changes to the Student Association constitution will be discussed at Monday's meeting.
Varied class sizes cause problems
by Elizabeth Decker
thresher staff

Enrollment in some introductory courses has increased this semester while dropping low enough in others to cause cancellations.
Rain causes few building delays
by Liora Danan
thresher editorial staff

Construction at Martel and Jones Colleges should not suffer any serious delay despite recent rain, according to Head Project Manager Barbara White.
Police to begin booting cars after three tickets
by Mark Berenson
Thresher Editorial Staff

Students with more than three tickets or warnings in a calendar year are now subject to having their cars booted.
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Hanszen basement off-limits
Undergraduate researcher becomes digital celebrity
$10K blanket tax to help RBT increase programming
Jones South spends 10 hours in the dark
Staff members report understaffed kitchens

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