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Wiess College sophomore Jonathan Hamrick watches TV coverage of Tuesday's terrorist attacks in Kelley Lounge. TVs were set up in various locations around campus, including Farnsworth Pavilion and Fondren Library.

please read the Thresher special on Our Nation's Tragedy

Our Nation's Tragedy
Please read the Thresher's special on the reaction on the Rice campus.
Campus reacts to East Coast terror
by Olivia Allison and Rachel Rustin
Thresher editorial staff

Although Rice is hundreds of miles away from where the twin towers once stood and just as far from the Pentagon, Tuesday's attacks on U.S. landmarks felt scarily close to home.
Sports events canceled, postponed
by Chris Larson
thresher editorial staff

All Rice intercollegiate varsity sporting events scheduled for this weekend have been cancelled or postponed as a result of Tuesday's terrorist attack.
Students' stadium seating changed
by Meredith Jenkins
thresher staff

Students were not permitted to sit in the first seven rows of the student section during last Saturday's football game against Duke University.
Reserve readings available online
by Lindsey Gilbert
For the Thresher

Course readings have become more attainable this semester thanks to Fondren Library's Electronic Reserves Project.
Students get control of Mardi Gras party funds
by Jenny Rees
For the Thresher

Hanszen College students who object to the college's annual stripping contest, a highlight of the Hanszen Mardi Gras party for the past seven years, can now choose not to fund the event with college fees.
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