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Rice Magazine| The Magazine of Rice University | No. 1 | 2008


Rice Magazine
Fall 2008, Vol. 65, No. 1

Published by the
Office of Public Affairs
Linda Thrane, vice president

Christopher Dow

Editorial Director
Tracey Rhoades

Creative Director
Jeff Cox

Art Director
Chuck Thurmon

Editorial Staff
Merin Porter, staff writer
Jenny West Rozelle, assistant editor

Tommy LaVergne, photographer
Jeff Fitlow, assistant photographer

The Rice University Board of Trustees
James W. Crownover, chairman; J. D. Bucky Allshouse; D. Kent Anderson; Keith T. Anderson; Teveia Rose Barnes; Alfredo Brener; Vicki Whamond Bretthauer; Robert T. Brockman; Nancy P. Carlson; Robert L. Clarke; Bruce W. Dunlevie; Lynn Laverty Elsenhans; Douglas Lee Foshee; Susanne Morris Glasscock; Robert R. Maxfield; M. Kenneth Oshman; Jeffery O. Rose; Lee H. Rosenthal; Hector Ruiz; Marc Shapiro; L. E. Simmons; Robert B. Tudor III; James S. Turley.

Administrative Officers
David W. Leebron, president; Eugene Levy, provost; Kathy Collins, vice president for Finance; Kevin Kirby, vice president for Administration; Chris Muñoz, vice president for Enrollment; Linda Thrane, vice president for Public Affairs; Scott W. Wise, vice president for Investments and treasurer; Richard A. Zansitis, general counsel; Darrow Zeidenstein, vice president for Resource Development.

Rice Magazine is published by the Office of Public Affairs of Rice University and is sent to university alumni, faculty, staff, graduate students, parents of undergraduates and friends of the university.

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