Rice University
Rice Magazine| The Magazine of Rice University | No. 1 | 2008

Building for a Healthy Mind and Healthy Body

Recreation Center rendering

Rice University students already are adept in the gymnastics of the mind: Soon they’ll have a new place to master the athletic pursuits of the body.
Recreation pool sketchScheduled to open in August 2009, the David and Barbara Gibbs Recreation and Wellness Center will offer state-of-the-art workout and health facilities and will house everything from competitive swimming and billiards to nutritional counseling and meditative classroom space. Rice broke ground on the two-story, 103,000-square-foot building on April 22. Upon its completion, the Rice Wellness Center will relocate from its current location next to Brown College. The Recreation and Wellness Center’s $41 million price tag will be funded solely through philanthropy. “We are particularly grateful to David and Barbara Gibbs for making the lead gift for this historic project,” said President David Leebron. “We also want to thank Ralph O’Connor and Carl Isgren for their generous gifts.”