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Rice Magazine| The Magazine of Rice University | No. 3 | 2009

On the Bookshelf:

Flash Floods in Texas
Bad Water Rising
The late Texas musician Stevie Ray Vaughan probably was speaking from personal experience when he sang, “It’s flooding down in Texas,” but that matter-of-fact line also highlights an unfortunately predictable aspect of the Lone Star State: It’s going to flood somewhere.
'Fakers: Hoaxers, Con Artists, Counterfeiters, and Other Great Pretenders'
Don’t Believe a Word of It

Did you hear the one about the 1,600-pound man-eating grizzly bear killed by a forest ranger? The Internet story contained convincing details, was accompanied by photographs of the bear and the ranger, and was a fabrication based on a tissue of truth.
Hiring the Right People

Your success as a manager — and the success of your company — is simply the result of how good you are at hiring employees. For Randy Street ’92 and Geoff Smart, that means that there is only one really pertinent question managers need to ask when filling empty positions: Who?

Other Publications

Five more publications including: “African American Religious Life and the Story of Nimrod,” “Escape into the Future: Cultural Pessimism and Its Religious Dimension in Contemporary American Popular Culture,” “Psychedelic Medicine: New Evidence for Hallucinogenic Substances as Treatments,” “Unruly Bodies: Life Writing by Women with Disabilities,” and “Modernism, Drama, and the Audience for Irish Spectacle."