Rice University
Rice Magazine| The Magazine of Rice University | No. 3 | 2009



Owl Mania
Our passion for our university is reflected in our passion for its symbols, and no symbol has endured longer or endeared itself more to the Rice community than the owl.

Coasta Watch

Coastal Watch
You might think that the Antarctic and the Texas Gulf Coast are about as different as possible while still sharing the same planet, but for John Anderson, the W. Maurice Ewing Chair in Oceanography and professor of earth science, the two are inextricably linked.


Cooking Up The Future

Most alumni remember it as Hicks Kitchen, the central food service kitchen where chefs prepared meals for the college serveries. Since last September, though, Rice students have known it as the Oshman Engineering Design Kitchen, and it’s the place where they’re cooking up the future.

Publish, Not Perish
“Publish or perish” goes the old saying in academia, but what happens when it’s the publishers who are perishing? Enter the recently resurrected Rice University Press, which is blazing an unconventional path in redefining the parameters of academic publishing.
Touch The Sky

A look at the many towers at Rice University, including The Campanile, built in 1912, and The Crystal Campanile, built in 2009.
The Business of Science
An unconventional career track at the intersection of science and business transforms a dead-end bachelor of science degree into a world of possibilities.