Rice University
Rice Magazine| The Magazine of Rice University | No. 3 | 2009

Giving the Jones School the Business

It’s official: Rice’s Jesse H. Jones Graduate School of Management is now the Jesse H. Jones Graduate School of Business.

Research shows that the majority of the top MBA programs use the term “business” rather than “management” in their names and logos, and that online searches for the Jones School predominantly incorporate “business” as well as “Rice MBA” and “Rice.”

“The update better reflects our association with Rice University and provides clearer branding for the Jones School’s exciting programs and initiatives,” said Bill Glick, dean of the Jones School. “Everyone already knows us as a business school. The ‘business’ designation in our new name better captures the breadth of our current offerings.”

Those offerings have expanded during the last two years. New programs include an undergraduate business minor and the Rice Education Entrepreneurship Program, which is geared toward aspiring K–12 principals. In fall 2009, the school launched a Ph.D. in business as well as a new weekend option for the Rice MBA for Professionals program. The new name also better incorporates Rice Executive Education courses, which have been a part of the Jones School for more than 30 years.