How does the Ricenet migration affect me?
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How long will my building be under construction? How long will my office or classroom be affected?
Building re-wiring will vary according to the size of the building as well as the complexity of the cable paths. It will be difficult to determine exactly the timeframe to have a particular building completely rewired. We have made an estimate of the duration based on best practices; any adjustments will be reflected on the building schedule which is posted on the web site: http://www.rice.edu/ricenet/schedule/. We will be re-wiring at night (from 6:00 pm - 4:00 am, Monday through Thursday). There should not be any disruption to the day-to-day activities at all.

How will I find out if the project is going to take longer than expected?
We will update the web site for schedule changes.

What is the noise level for this type of construction?
The work will be done at night when fewer people are in the building. The work will consist of removing ceiling panels and running the cables down the hallways and to each room.

Will I be able to work in my office during the construction?
The cable rewiring will only affect people who work between the hours of 6:00 p.m. and 4:00 a.m., Monday through Thursday. The cabling crew will try to minimize the noise near people who are working.

What disruptions should faculty and staff anticipate during their daily routines?
None. However, during the installation, the current network connectivity may be accidentally disconnected. If this occurs, please call our Help Desk (x4357) and a technician will be dispatched to resolve the issue.

How will student activities be affected? Will classes have to be rescheduled or moved to a different room?
The schedule for classes will not be affected.

Will I be able to access the Internet and email during network installation? What about files in our group's shared drive?
Normal network connectivity will be available during the day.

Will this impact my ability to do work? Do I get time off for the days when I can't work?
The network rewiring project should not affect daily work.

How will I know that my building's construction has started? Will I walk into my office one morning and see construction workers there? How will I know when construction in my building has been completed?
We will update the progress of each building regularly on the project web site. Cabling contractors should be gone by the time that you get into your office in the morning.

When are the workers actually in my building (what time of day and what day of the week)?
The cabling crews will be working Monday through Thursday from 6:00 pm - 4:00 am.

Are all the workers Rice people? If not, are they wearing IDs?
There will be a Rice representative at each work site. ElectraLink will be providing the cabling crews. All contractors will be wearing "Rice IT Contractor" badges with their pictures and names.

What security precautions do I need to take when construction workers are scheduled to be in my office? Do I need to lock up the department's digital camera and laptop in a file cabinet when the work begins?
We recommend that you lock away all valuables and breakables. While the cabling contractor will take extreme care, there is the possibility of a mishap.

Will dust and debris get all over my desk area and shelves? What if my crystal photo frame gets broken? Should I just box up my personal things for the construction?
Dust and debris will be minimal. The cabling crews will clean up after they are through with an area's installation each morning. If you find debris in your office, please let us know and we will address the issue with the cable contractor. We recommend that you lock away all valuables and breakables during the installation time frame.

During construction, will I walk into my office every day and find things in different places than where I left them?
The cabling crews will minimize the amount of furniture movement. At times, they may need to move items to get to the location of a cable. The crew will do their best to put things back the way that they found them.

After construction, will I have to learn new software? Will I have to buy new software? Who will pay for it?
Currently, we are only re-wiring campus buildings. There is no requirement for new application software. However, a minimum required Operating System level will be required for a desktop or laptop to take full advantage of the new network.

Who's paying for the new network? Is each building and/or department going to get a bill?
At the end of the 2004-2005 school year, the Board of Trustees approved a budget to renovate the network. Individual buildings and departments will not be charged for the network upgrade.

Why is this so much better than the way things are now? Why do we have to upgrade the network?
Our current network is 7 to 10 years old and is deteriorating. We cannot guarantee a stable networking environment and time lost because of network equipment failure is increasing. The current network does not have the sufficient bandwidth and computing power to support our faculty, researchers, students, and staff.

For additional information, see the white paper on the project web site: http://www.rice.edu/ricenet/benefits/WhitePaper.pdf


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