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How do I access resources securely through the wireless network?

Our 802.1X network supports encrpytion. When connecting, please select the "Rice Owls" wireless network instead of Rice Visitor to connect. Additional software, such as Secure W2 is required for Windows XP. You will be asked for your NetID and password upon connecting.

Alternatively, you can connect through Rice Visitor and use our secure VPN tunnel, as you would remotely. Cisco VPN 3000 software is required to use this option. If using an older VPN software such as Cisco 5000, you will need to contact the Help Desk at (713) 348-4357 for information on upgrading to the latest version.

What if I get certificate popups for 802.1X using a Mac?

You will need to download and install these certificates: Radius A | Radius B

I cannot access the network or the Internet. What am I doing wrong?

Please ensure that you have Windows XP with SP2 if using Windows or OS X if using a Mac. Rice University's Network Access Control — called Clean Access — also requires the latest virus updates.



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