Rowing Terminology

The boat:
Bow	      	Front of the boat.
Bowman		(or Bow) The rower in the bow of the boat. When the boat is 
		coxless (i.e. no coxswain), the bowman issues the commands and
		steers the boat. 
Coxswain	The person  who steers the boat. He/she either its in the stern 
                or lies in the bow. 
Double 		A scull for two rowers.
Eight		A sweep for 8 rowers.
Foot stretcher	The device you strap your feet into 
Four		A sweep for 4 rowers.
Gunwale		(pronounced "Gunnel") The top edge of the side of the boat
1, 2, 3, etc.	It is common to refer to the rowers by number.
  		The convention is to number from bow to stern
		so that the bowman is #1, the person behind
 		him/her # 2, etc. You can also address the
		rowers by pairs or fours, making "Bow Pair" #1
 		and #2, "Stern 	Four" #5, 6 ,7 ,and 8 
Oar lock	The device that let the oar pivot on the
Pair		A sweep for two rowers.
Port		Left side looking from stern to bow (sometimes
		color coded red).
Quad		A scull for 4 rowers.
Rigger		The metal extensions protruding from the sides
		of the boat
Scull		A boat in which each rower has two oars.
Shell		Another word for the rowing boat.
Single		A scull for one rower.
Slide		The sliding seat.
Starboard	Right side looking from stern to bow (color
		coded green).
State room	One rowers space in the boat 
Stern 		Rear of the boat.
Stroke		The rower who stern-most the boat. He/she is
		also the one who sets the pace.
Sweep		A boat in which the rowers have one oar each.
The Stroke:
Catch		The beginning of the stroke where the oar is 				inserted into the water.
Drive		The propelling part of the stroke.
Finish		Where the oar is taken out of the water.
Recovery	The slide forward before the catch.
Feathering	Turning the oar blade horizontally.
Squaring	Turning the oar blade vertically.

Back down	(or "Back") Row backwards.
Check it	(or "Eight Check" )Same as "Hold water"
Hold water	Square the oar in the water (to stop the boat fast).
Paddle		Row easy, i. e. no power on the stroke. 
Half power	Next step up from "paddle". Next step is "3/4 power" and then 
		"Full Power". 
Power (n)	Take (n) strokes at full power.
Ready all-row	The command to start rowing. Should be preceded by "From 
		the finish" or "From the catch".
Weigh enough	Finish the stroke in progress and stop rowing.