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A collection of more or (much) less informative articles and tidbits relating to rowing. Most of the stuff have been downloaded over time from

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Rowing Bibliography : A list of books about rowing. Additions are welcome. E-mail to address below.
Rowing Terminology: : Mostly for newcomers to the sport.
Making Weight : A word of caution for lightweights starving themselves to make weight.
What Is Carbo Loading?: Does it help rowers?
Racing Starts: A collection of opionions of which is the fastest way to start a race.
How an erg works:'Ever wonder about those numbers
The origin of the word "Coxwain"
Erg EquivalenciesComparable settings for the Model B and C Concept II ergs.
Significance of weight: How does the weight of rowers, equipment, and coxwains affect performance and boat speed?
Current and water depth: How does current velocity and depth of water affect boat speed?

The lighter side

And God Created...: Why things are.
Personality Traits In An Eight: Have you ever wondered why Coach put you there?
You know you are in trouble when...: Things a coxswain should never say.

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