Q: I have heard a lot about the new 40/30/30 diet. Can you tell me about it? Will it help me get faster?


The only 40-30-30 I recommend is 40 minutes of swimming followed by 30

minutes of running finishing up with 30 minutes of weight training.

I strongly recommend that athletes consume a high carbohydrate, moderate

protein and moderate fat diet. Carbs provide the energy needed for training.

40% of one's diet coming from carbs is just not enough--~60% is more

appropriate. A better ratio for an athlete is ~60% carbs, ~20% protein and

~20% fat. I do, however, also recommend that if athletes crave more protein

or fat, then they should eat more. The human body is amazing--it will tell

you when it needs something. If an athlete craves chicken or beef, then it's

the body's way of saying ,"I need more protein." Same goes for fat. Fat

usually isn't a problem, most Americans (including athletes) get more fat

than needed.


The 40-30-30 is just like any other fad diet....it's quite popular now, will

start to fade soon and will eventually disappear.

-Caryn Honig, RD


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