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comments = Your content is much more advanced than all other sports injury sources (books and websites) I have seen. I have run 24 marathons an I have seen a lot, but from now on I'll look to your web site first when troubleshooting an injury.


comments=Thanks for your terrific explanation, suggested stretches, etc., concerning piriformis syndrome. I've recently been diagnosed as suffering from p.s. ...the first time I've been unable to take my daily 10-kilometre run. I couldn't find anything about it in the usual places -- Noakes, Runner's World, etc., etc. .... Thanks again.



comments=great web site. keep up the good work. looking forward to visiting again



comments=I have been running and racing for almost twenty years. I thought I was well informed until I started reading your articles. Living in south Florida and running all year long the articles on hydration were well received.Thanks for the articles.



comments=The first time I stopped at this page I have been really impressed with the quality and depth of information. Thank you for keeping it up.



comments=great observations & insight. awesome web page with very useful information, please keep up the great work!!!!!!!!


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