This page contains photos from various races around the world, course maps, computer generated graphics, and even a little humor. All related to endurance sports -- especially triathlon.

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  • Games of the XXVI Olympiad

    1. The Olympic Flame (82k JPEG)
    2. The Olympic Flame at night (15 k JPEG)
    3. Womens' mountain bike race (96k JPEG)
    4. Lance Armstrong (#121) (JPEG 347k)

    1. The transition zone (187k) from the Capitol of Texas Triathlon in Austin,Texas
    2. Exit of the water Nymph (189k) at the Cinco Ranch triathlon (Houston, Texas)
    3. Hop on your bike and ride (194k) at Cinco Ranch (Houston,Texas)
    4. Sprint for the finish (50k) at the Capitol of Texas Tri in Austin. Fastest female swimmer = free QR wetsuit !

    1. The start of Ironman Germany (149k )
    2. Starting the marathon at Ironman Europe (Germany'94) (53k)
    3. The road to the finish at Ironman Europe
    4. The finish at Ironman Europe (jpeg 228k)
    5. Misty calm before Ironman Europe (jpeg106k )

    1. Lake Okanagan site of the swim course in Ironman Canada (77k jpeg)
    2. Warming-up, waiting, and watching at dawn (160k jpg)
    3. Aerial shot of the swim start at Ironman Canada (192k jpeg)
    4. The beautiful marathon course at Ironman Canada (306k jpeg)
    5. The finish line Ironman Canada (189 jpeg)

  • ultra-distance ewe(jpeg 10k)
  • the magnetism of poor planning (gif 19k)

  • symmetry (gif 55k)

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