Hip Exercises for runners

There are 4 exercises in this section that are an excellent addition to any runners training program. They are ofetn used as part of a rehabilitation program for treating an injury, but are also useful for general conditioning and injury prevention. They focus on the muscles used for power and stability.
  1. Hip abduction
  2. Hip adduction
  3. Hip flexion
  4. Hip extension

Hip abduction

Hip Flexion

Hip adduction is the opposite motion of that pictured above Hip extension is the opposite motion of that pictured above
Although there are exercise machines which simulate these actions, these exercises are best done standing with a pulley system (as illustrated). If needed, one or two fingers of the hand of one arm may be used to hold on to an adjacent support (e.g., frame or upright bench). The reason for minumal support is that it helps emphasize correct balancing by the muscles in the pelvis and leg. Sets of high repetition, with low resistance should be done.


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