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The Sprawl Net Resource List

The resource list is under construction.

The resource list is a detailed bibliography of what we consider to be the essential literature for studying sprawl. It is our ``great books'' program, though it will also feature important articles, speeches, TV shows, movies, videotapes, exhibitions, CD-ROMs, and video and computer games.

Like its subject, the list is likely to be a little sparse at first, and perhaps even a bit frustrating for early users; but once the infrastructure is in, we will work hard to populate it quickly. We are planning for growth and heavy traffic.

The list has a number of nifty features intended to encourage careful thought, discussion, and debate among its frequenters, and to broaden the audience for many of the works included in it:

Ready To Dive In? Current entries are listed in the ``What's Available'' page, which also itemizes reviews and features separately. Eventually you'll also be able to conduct your own searches through the list.

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