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[This note is meant for users who have trouble finding or using the remote control on this site. If you do not have this problem, click on the Houston Wet logo above to return to the home page.]




Occasionally, a visitor here misses or loses track of the remote control, the main means for navigating through the site, and leaves thinking Houston Wet is a series of introductions without any meat. To accommodate users with small screen sizes, the remote does not stay in the foreground, and can become hidden behind other windows.


To bring the remote to the foreground, click anywhere you see the words "remote control" -- often at the top right or lower left corner of the page. This should work in most browsers and operating systems.



If for any reason the above method does not work, others will. The remote is a separate window.


On a Windows PC, you can also bring up the remote using the taskbar.




On PCs running Windows, you can click on the button that says "Remote Control" on your taskbar (where the "Start" button resides), which is likely at the bottom of your screen. On a Macintosh, with most browsers, you can select the Remote Control window from one of the menus at the top of the screen. If you're running Linux, you don't need my help.


More details on peculiarities of this site are explained on a page of navigation help.


Larry Albert
February 1, 2001


Photos at top of page: Flag at Rice Stadium, 1962. Courtesy Aubrey Calvin. Brownwood subdivision, 1994. Photo by Eric R. Shamp. Used with permission.




r e m o t e   c o n t r o l