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Carlos R. Solís, El Jaguar Quetzal

Cada vez que muere un Jaguar, se apaga una estrella en el cielo
Every time a Jaguar dies a star goes off in the sky

Once there was a beautiful Rain forest. It had orchids, Kapok trees and they were beautiful.
Adelina Solís, (6 years old) April 1995

Here you will find some of the things I do, some the things I like and some of the things I find useful on the web. But first, lets get a traditional cup of Guatemalan café! Why Guatemalan? Because having been born there I know it is THE BEST CAFE in the world.

Me I work for the Center for Technology in Teaching and Learning at Rice University, in Houston, Texas. I am, these days, concerned with education and with finding ways to integrate computer technology and networks with it. Therefore, when I an not at a meeting at the Houston Independent School District, I spend most of my time at Hogg Middle School, an inner city school in the Houston Heights. My new carrer started at the Rice School. However, I ocasionally have, and used to have, another life. I have a Ph.D. in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology from Rice University. It was there that my web work started as I wrote the second edition of the Paper Wasp Behavioral Ecology pages.

While working on wasp DNA fingerprinting, I became involved in conservation work and started thinking that chasing biomolecules around was a senseless endevour if the sources of those molecules were being flushed down the drain because of environmental destruction. It was at that time that I became a parent/Rice University staff volunteer at the Rice School and created the BioEsfera Project . Working closely with twleve teachers at the Rice School I decided that I could make a bigger difference by becoming involved with education through technology, than in any other way. The rest is history. Well, sorta.


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