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Recommended Books

Challand, Holland, J. 1991. Vanishing Forests. B&B Publishing Inc., Childrens Press, Chicago. 128 pp.

Cherry, L. The Great Kapok Tree, A Tale of the Amazon Rain Forest. Harcourt Brace and Company, San Diego.
Cowcher, H. 1991. El Bosque Tropical. Mirasol, libros juveniles,Farrar, Straus and Giroux, New York, 32 pp.

George, JC. 1990. One Day in the Tropical Rain Forest, Harper Collins Publishers, Newy York, 56 pp.

Hare, Tony. 1990. Rainforest Destruction. Gloucester Press, London.32pp
Mitchell, AW. 1986. The Enchanted Cannopy, Secrets from the Rainforest Roof. Fontana/Collins, Great Britain. 255 pp.

Morrison, Marion. 1993. The Amazon Rainforest and Its People. Thomson Learning, New York. 48 pp.

Mutel, Cornelia, and Rodgers, Mary, M. 1991. Our Endangered Planet, Tropical Rainforests. Lerner Publications Company, Minneapolis. 49 pp.
Newman, A. Tropical Rainforest, A world survey of out most valuable and endangered habitat with a blueprint for its survival Facts On Life, New York. 256pp.
Silver, D. 1993. Why Save the Rainforest? Julian Messner, Simon and Schuster, NY. 48 pp.
Zak, Monica. 1992. Save My Rainforest. Volcano Press, California. 32 pp.

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