A Guide for the Rice University Community

Security and Fire Safety

Message from President Leebron

As set forth in Rice University’s mission statement, we are committed to pathbreaking research, unsurpassed teaching and contributions to the betterment of our world. Achieving success in our mission requires many ingredients: extraordinarily talented people, great facilities and a supportive community. But along with all of these, as important is assuring a safe environment for everyone to study, work, play, enjoy artistic and athletic events, and generally take advantage of all the university has to offer.

Although our beautiful, forested campus is friendly and known for welcoming its visitors, it is not immune to crime. It is incumbent upon all of us to familiarize ourselves with our resources and processes for preventing and responding to criminal activity. Please take a few minutes to read this Annual Security Report and Fire Safety Report produced by the Rice University Police Department (RUPD). It contains valuable information that may help improve not just your safety but also the safety of others on campus.

This report includes practical tips to prevent or deter crime, like registering your bike with RUPD and always locking the door to your room, office or lab. If you observe suspicious activity, report it to RUPD at 713-348-6000 or through a blue-light emergency phone on campus. If you’re the victim of a crime, notify RUPD right away. A timely tip could enable our police officers to issue a campuswide alert that will help prevent others from becoming victims and may lead to the arrest of a criminal.

RUPD is one of multiple resources at Rice you can contact if you become the victim of sexual assault. This is a very significant problem on college campuses. We must all make our utmost efforts to prevent every occurrence of sexual assault and respond appropriately when sexual assaults happen. RUPD also can assist you with emergency medical care and provide an escort when you have to walk across campus or to the graduate apartments alone at night.

Students who have concerns about alcohol or other substance abuse may contact the Rice Counseling Center anytime at 713-348-3311. This report offers more information about these and other services that you should know about before a crisis occurs.

Thanks in advance for taking a few minutes to read through this report and for making campus safety a priority. Let’s all contribute to a safe environment. Best wishes for a successful academic year.